ENCE Team chairs are office seat with touch of rally outlook and comfort table feeling with black colour. Chair is made in association with ENCE and colours are similar to ENCE colouring. Linear will give the final touch for the chair. Chairs micro leather surface will last long period of e-sport sessions. This Gaming Chair gives you a great comfortable feeling for office and for gaming sessions. By purchasing Ulti-Mat chair you can be absolutely sure that you have picked up a chair with best quality. In the same time you will give your support for ENCE team to keep on fighting in top level with world’s top teams. This chair offers you 180 degrees turning backrest. So if you feel tired in a middle of e-sport session you can take a rest without changing place.

ENCE star base is high strengths and durable nylon base. The base holds up 500kg of weight. Wheels are PU skid proof and muted wheels “stealth” wheels. The maximum permitted load for this chair is 185 kg. Gas lift is 4 class "high". So you don’t have to purchase a new longer gas lift for this chair. The mechanism is a high quality synchro TILT mechanism that can be found normally in more expensive chairs. Synchro TILT mechanism allows you to fix the seat in a tilt or locked position if desired. The armrests can be adjusted in height and can be turned in or out. Armrest has been made from plastic and metal components that will not break.


  • Material: Micro leather
  • Gas lift: Class 4
  • Height: 54cm (max) / 44cm (min)
  • Head pillow: Yes
  • Back pillow: Yes
  • Cross weight: 30.00kg
  • Warranty: 2 years